Affiliate Marketing Acronyms

Be it EPC, CPA, CJ, PMA, or anything else, you want to be comfortable using the most popular affiliate marketing abbreviations if you’re involved in affiliate marketing in any capacity. I’ve put together the following list to make life slightly easier for everyone, but especially those who are fairly new to affiliate marketing.

6WAMC - 6-Week Affiliate Mastery Course

ADX - Google DoubleClick Ad Exchange

Aff – Affiliate

AI - Artificial Intelligence

Algo - Algorithm

AM - Affiliate Marketing or Affiliate Manager

AOV - Average Order Value

APAC - Asian Pacific Countries

AR - Alternate Reality

Autosub - Auto Subscription

B2B - Business-to-Business

BH - Blackhat

Biz Dev - Business Development

Biz Op / Bizopp - Business Opportunities (e.g. Work From Home)

BOFU – Bottom of the Funnel

CA - Cambridge Analytica

CBD - Cannabidiol

CC - Credit Card

COD - Cash On Delivery

CPA - Cost Per Action

CPC - Cost Per Click

CPE - Cost Per Engagement

CPI - Cost Per Install

CPL - Cost Per Lead

CPM - Cost Per Mille (cost per thousand impressions)

CPR - Cost Per Result

CPS - Cost Per Sale

CR - Conversion Rate

CS - Customer Service

CTR - Click Through Rate

CTW – Click-to-Website

DCB - Direct Carrier Billing - offers that allow users to subscribe to by

charging payments to their mobile phone bill

DIY - Do-It-Yourself

DSP - Demand-Side Platform - platform that allows an advertiser to

buy traffic from ad exchanges

Ecom - Ecommerce (typically refers to physical goods being sold


ED - Erectile Dysfunction

EMD - Exact-Match Domain

EU - European Union

FB – Facebook

FTC - Federal Trade Commission

FX - Forex

GDN - Google Display Network

GDPR - General Data Protection Regulation

Geo - Country

HQ - High Quality

ICO - Initial Coin Offering

InApp - Anything within mobile apps (e.g. advertising banners)

IoT - Internet of Things

IVR - Interactive Voice Response

JV - Joint Venture

KOL - Key Opinion Leaders

KPI - Key Performance Indicator

LAA - Look-alike audience (on Facebook)

LATAM - Latin America

Leadgen - Lead Generation

LQ - Low Quality

LTV - Life-time Value

ME - Male Enhancement

MID - Merchant Identification Number - a unique code given to

a business by payment processors before a merchants begin

processing credit cards

Monetizer - Traffic monetization service,

Nutra - Nutraceutical Products - such as diet pills and male enhancement


OG - Original Gangster - something that’s been around for a long time

and is dominating the space

PBN - Private Blog Network

Pins - Pin Submit Offers

POD - Print-On-Demand

POF - Plenty of Fish

Pop - popunder and popup/popover traffic

PPE - Page Post Engagement (Facebook)

PPL - Pay Per Lead

PPV - Pay Per View (pop traffic, domain redirect traffic)

Push - Push Notification

ROAS - Return on Ad Spend

ROI - Return On Investment (=Profit/Cost)

RPM - Revenue Per Mille (revenue per thousand impressions)

RTB - Real-Time Bidding

SaaS - Software as a Service

SDK - Software Developer Kit

SEA - South-East Asia

SEO - Search Engine Optimization

SMM - Social media Marketing

SOI - Single Opt-In

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Sweeps - Sweepstakes Offers

TA - Teaching Assistant

TOS - Terms of Service

TS - Traffic Source

UA - User Acquisition

VoD - Video On Demand

VPN - Virtual Private Network

VSL - Video Sales Letter

VR - Virtual Reality

WH - Whitehat