7 Indian affiliate marketing programs

I would like to present a list of Top 7 Indian affiliate marketing programs that you should join.Most of theses do not need a website to sign up with.

Amazon Affiliate Program

We all know how big Amazon is in the Indian e-commerce market. It is spending huge money on its marketing and popularity, and thus, already is a very popular brand name amongst online Indian shoppers.

Amazon’s affiliate program should be a priority for you because it is offers some of the highest rates of commission in India. The commission can range anywhere up to 12% which is surely a big number.

Another benefit with Amazon, as we have talked earlier as well, is that it is already a very popular brand name. So if someone sees the ad or the link on your website linked to Amazon, they will not mind clicking on it as Amazon is a very trusted brand. To join the program signup at Login - Prime Digital .

Flipkart Affiliate Program

Just like Amazon, Flipkart is another e-commerce player that is immensely popular. Again, if you post a good Flipkart deal on your website, the user would not think much before clicking as it is surely a big and trusted name in Indian e-commerce market.

Flipkart also offers very good commission rates. Commission on products can go as high as 10% which is something you should not miss. Also, there are different (mostly higher) rates if a new user makes a purchase from your link. Flipkart also pays commission on every app install made using your link.

In short, Flipkart affiliate program is something not to be missed and is surely a good choice in India.To join the program signup at Login - Prime Digital .

GoDaddy Affiliate Program

GoDaddy is a domain name provider, or in simple words, it lets people and businesses have their own websites. You must have seen the ads on TV and several portals. With digital adoption happening very quickly in India, GoDaddy does seem to have a lot of clients in future, and thus is an opportunity for you to earn big.

HostGator Affiliate Program

HostGator is another great affiliate program which one must join today. It is a dedicated web hosting platform and certainly can be a source of great income for you.

A good thing about HostGator is that it has fixed minimum commission with every sale you generate, which is around INR 1,250. However, this payout goes on increasing as you generate regular sales.

IndiaMart Affiliate Program

IndiaMart is another big player in Indian e-commerce market and is surely a good option for affiliate marketing. IndiaMart is a B2B (Business to Business) online seller. A benefit of affiliating with a B2B platform is that its sales are generally larger in amount than other popular retail websites.

Yatra. com Affiliate Program

Yatra. com is a leading online travel company of the country. It also has the option of affiliate marketing just like many popular e-commerce websites. It offers commission on every booking generated through your links.

Shaadi. com Affiliate Program

Shaadi. com, India’s leading matrimonial company, is one more opportunity to earn good amount of money using affiliate marketing. It runs its own affiliate program which offers some exciting deals for affiliates.