A Way Of Making Money Online By Promoting Someone Else’s Products

Affiliate Marketing : Affiliate Marketing Is A Way Of Making Money Online By Promoting Someone Else’s Products.

As An Affiliate You’re Essentially A Commission Salesperson For The Products You’re Promoting: You Earn A Commission For Every Paying Customer You Send To The Merchant Selling The Product.

It’s Kind Of Like Being A Real Estate Agent: You Don’t Own The Home You’re Promoting, But You Get A Nice Commission For Promoting It And Finding The Right Buyer To See How It Works,

Let’s Imagine That Batman Is An Affiliate For A Website Called “GetFancy(.)Com”, Where Customers Can Buy Top Hats, Monocles And Other Accessories To Make Themselves More “Fancy”. Everyone Wins Here. The Customer Finds What They’re Looking For, The Merchant Gets A Customer He Wouldn’t Have Found Otherwise, And Batman Gets Paid. So, With So Many Ways Of Making Money Online .

How Affiliate Marketing Works :

Here Are Some Of The Pros and Cons in Affiliate Marketing :

[-1-] Pros:

  1. Easy To Get Started : As An Affiliate, You Don’t Have To Create The Products You’re Promoting. You Just Promote Something That Already Exists. This Is A Lot Easier Than Building And Selling Your Own Physical Or Digital Product:

    • You Don’t Have To Spend Time And Money On Building The Product
    • You Don’t Have To Buy Stock To Sell, Or Store It Anywhere
    • You Don’t Need To Figure Out How To Run A Shopping Cart
    • You Don’t Have To Handle Customer Support .

    If You are Interested In Creating Your Own Product As Fast As Possible : Learn about 9 Ways Of Creating Info-Product

  2. It’s Easy To Grow : One Of The Best Ways To Make More Money Is To Add New Products To Your Lineup. When You’re Selling Your Own Products, It Can Take Months To Develop A New Product. But As An Affiliate, It’s As Easy As Putting Up A New Advertisement, Or Writing A Few Paragraphs Talking About The New Product.
  3. No Special Skills Required : You Don’t Need Any Particular Skills Or Experience To Get Started As An Affiliate. Most Affiliates Start Out With No Knowledge, And Just Learn As They Go . Patience Is The Key Here And This Is Not-Get Rich Scheme.
  4. Low, Low Startup Costs : One Of The Biggest Benefits Of Affiliate Marketing Is That You Don’t Need To Invest A Lot Of Money To Get Started.

      _For A Bare-Bones Affiliate Website, Your Initial Costs Will Be Tiny: Just $10/Year For A Domain Name, And Around $50/Year For Web Hosting.
    You Can Do Pretty Much Everything Yourself Without Spending Any More, But A Lot Of Affiliates Choose To Hire People To Do Things Like Write Articles, Design Graphics, Etc. It Can Often Be A Good Investment To Stop Yourself From Getting Stuck On Things You’re Not Good At.  

    _Learn How To Outsource Product Creation Or Hire Someone To Do The Dirty Work For You

These Are Only Some Of The Pros Of Affiliate Marketing. However, It Is Also Best To Be Aware That This Online Business Also Has Some Cons.

[-2-] Cons :

  1. The Affiliates May Engage In False And Misleading Advertising In Order To Get Sales Commissions.
  2. Limited Growth Potential - Because You Can’t Lock In Your Customers Or Adapt Deals To Suit Changing Market Conditions, Growth Potential Is Limited. Like The Carpet Salesman, You Rely On A New Stream Of Visitors Each And Every Day With No Way To Grow What You Do, Other Than By Adding Sub-Affiliates.
  3. Customer Base Not Locked In _- The Merchant Keeps The Customer.Typically, You Deliver The Customer, The Merchant Pays You A One-Time Commission, Then That Customer Remains Theirs For All Subsequent Purchases. The Value Of The Merchants Business Increases The More Customers They Have.
    Best To Overcome : Build Your Mailing List and Build Relationship With Your Subscribers and Turn Your Prospects Into Your Customers **|

    **   The biggest reason for list-building is that it minimizes your chance of lost sales, while increasing the chances of making repeat sales.  

Affiliate MarketPlace : There are 2 Affiliate Marketplace - The One which Deals With Physical Product and Other Deals With Digital Product. You Can Choose Which Suit You.

But I prefer Digital Product Though -

  • The Commission is much higher than Physical one .
  • Clickbank Pays Out 50 to 70 % commissions to their Affiliates but eCommerce site like Amazon pays 15 % or less commission.
  • It comes With Digital product like Membership, Videos Courses, eBook, etc.

By The Way, Both have Own Advantages and Disadvantages Too No Doubts

Last Word :

Don’t Just Sit There — Take Action!_
_Remember That The Biggest Obstacles To Success Are Things Like Procrastination, Distraction, And Losing Motivation. You Need To Keep That Momentum Going!

Expect That Some Things Might Be Trickier Than Others, And That You WILL Make Mistakes. Each Mistake Is A Hugely Valuable Learning Experience For You, So Don’t Be Scared Of Them!

The People Who Get The Most Success As Affiliates Are The Ones Who Just Keep Bashing Through, Making Mistakes And Learning. Hopefully That Will Be You!

To Your Marketing Success

Thangjam Kishorchand

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