How do I promote affiliate links?

There are so many ways, and thank goodness there are so many ways!

You can promote your link the free way and/or the paid way. So starting with our favorite four letter word FREE…

Free traffic generation is just that, generating traffic. You will know where your traffic is coming from because you generated it. People liked you and the value you provided of a product that solves their problem, fulfills their need, etc…

So with free traffic you are not receiving traffic from other people’s marketing lists (for example solo ads), but I’ll get to that later.

When promoting the free way, it does take more effort on your part vs just paying some money and watching the clicks roll in. However, like I stated before, people who click on your link in free methods valued your input.

So utilize Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. And if you are trying to promote to a young crowd, then Snapchat is a gem.

Now I have to mention, Facebook is not as business friendly as some other social media sites. For example, if you are promoting an affiliate link for a product that is on JVZoo, forget it. Facebook won’t even allow you to post the link. You have to literally split up the link address, and instruct people to take the space out when they enter it into the web address bar…and who is going to take the time to do that on their cell phone? Maybe 1 person.

So on these social media sites, you must find people who are in the correct niche. If you are promoting a weight loss product to members of the Facebook group “Dog Trainers for Fido”, then good luck with making sales.

If you’re promoting a product on how to make money online through affiliate marketing then find people on the social media sites who are following successful affiliate marketers. You can google the most successful affiliate marketers and then find them on social media.

But the main thing is follow, befriend, or add a story, to the right niche/specialized marketplace!

You must find where the people in your niche are spending the majority of their time on social media.

Once you have found the right people in the right niche, don’t just promote the link. They don’t know you yet. Interact, show what you know about how the product helps. Prove the product helps, because you should have bought it for yourself. Offer training about the product or something free that is close to the product.

Another way to promote for free, is on YouTube. This is definitely the most effective nowadays, because people will watch videos all day and feel more connected with you via a video.

Offer something of value first though. Same concept as with FB, Twitter, etc…

If you are promoting training about affiliate marketing then make a video discussing the basics of affiliate marketing and then maybe at the end of the video state “If you want to learn about how I was taught success, click the link below.”

Now onto the paid traffic….

Paid traffic can be very expensive, but if done right, your sales will exceed how much you spent on the traffic.

Solo ads are common, but I disagree with anybody who states solo ads are just so wonderful and always the way to go. Yes, if you go on Udimi the sellers of solo ads are rated and some are very affordable, but their lists get blasted with advertisements a lot and they won’t be as enthusiastic as you think.

Plus, unfortunately there are those solo ad sellers out there who will get fake clicks on your link through “bots”. Yep, a click that came from technology and not a human.

There are traffic brokers, who will reach out to people with internal lists and share your affiliate link to generate opt ins and traffic. They can be expensive, and make sure they have good customer service. I once bought 1,000 clicks from a traffic broker and it took the broker over one month to get the traffic in. And, I received only 800 clicks. So do you research.

If you have your own website, blog, YouTube channel, you can reach out to influencers who will give you a shout out to their following. But, once again, it has to be in the right niche. If you’re promoting parenting resources, the person who has a huge following in the wealth and luxury niche will not be able to give you a shout out or bring in sales for you.

You can find help with influencer traffic on websites like Ifluenz. But make sure you are marketing you at this point, your website, your channel, your blog which will eventually lead people to your affiliate link. Don’t just push the link.

Last but not least, there are paid ads are major sites like Facebook, Google, YouTube, etc…

Fortunately Facebook and Instagram ads work as one. And one good thing, you set the price for the amount you’re willing to spend. And the ads are shared with the right niche. You have targeting options.

Make the ad fun and exciting. People aren’t going to stop scrolling through their feed if your ad looks about as exciting as a brick wall.

Now you remember I stated that Facebook can be strict about business. If you are promoting a product that helps to earn people money, then nope, you won’t be able to send people to the landing page.

What the ad can do have people fill out questions and then it generates leads for you that can go to your email list. Then boom, in the email list you can provide the affiliate link.

There are a lot of other ways for promoting your affiliate link. If you want to learn more just send me a PM.

One last piece of advice is whether you are receiving free traffic or paid traffic, never ever let your list go dead. The sale will probably not be made at first, but if you consistently (not overwhelmingly) provide valuable content to your email list, the trust will build and then the sale will be made.

If you want to learn more about affiliate marketing, feel free to click “start here” in my profile.

I wish you the best!