What is an affiliate marketing tip you learnt recently that changed your life?

Create content that provides value.

Even though you’re promoting something that’s not yours, you need to make it unique by adding your own value to it.

Examples could be:

  • Training on how to use the product.
  • Added value to the product (complementary information).
  • A product you own at a discount.
  • Etc…

Depending on the niche and kind of product, there are different ways to add your own value.

With information products, you can bundle to increase value.

Let’s say your promoting a course on “Blogging”, you can create and offer for free an added training on 1 awesome traffic source.

Yes, it requires a lot of work and this is not what most people starting affiliate marketing want to hear, but there’s no other way to succeed.

Add value to someone’s life and value ($$) will be added to yours. Attempt to only promotoe other person’s value and you’ll find yourself hopping from product to product without visible results.