Can you make good money as an Amazon affiliate?

Here’s a business model I have used in the past and with great success.

In short, the idea will be to create a website that promotes/reviews products and monetised through Amazon Associates program. You rank in Google for keywords related to these products and then sell the website.

Now, for the more detailed response and a way for you to get started right now:

Create the Website

  1. Start by picking an evergreen niche that will allow you to expand as you grow
  2. Niches such as health and pets are good examples
  3. Next, find as many products as possible within this niche and group them into similar categories - Go on Amazon to get ideas
  4. Put all of the product ideas into a spreadsheet. Try to find at least 100 different products
  5. Start doing keyword research on both these products you found as well as keywords that are related to the products
  6. Keep all keywords in a spreadsheet as well
  7. By now, you should have two spreadsheets full of both products and keywords that you can target on your website
  8. Next, go buy a domain name, hosting and setup your website. There are plenty of guides out there that will walk you through the process

Start Writing

  1. Once your website is up and running, it’s time to start writing content that targets the products and keywords that you found.
  2. Here are some strategies for this:
    1. Write product reviews for individual products (Ex - Proactive Acne Review)
    2. Write “Best…” articles (Ex - Best acne removal cream)
    3. Write “X vs. Y” articles (Ex - Acne cream vs Acne soap)
    4. Write informational articles (Ex - Ingredients to avoid in acne cream)
  3. Basically, write as much as you can on the topic/niche you choose
  4. You can either write the content yourself or hire someone to do it for you from Upwork or Textbroker
  5. Write at least 1 new article per week (more the better)
  6. Make each article at least 1,000 words (more the better)
  7. Do this consistently for at least 6 months and you should start to see some traction in Google and start to bring some organic traffic
  8. By now, you should be making money and you can now start to invest the profit into scaling your content. Start to hire writers so that you can begin posting 3–5 new articles per week. This will help grow your website so much faster.
  9. Tweak your website and optimize it for conversions
  10. Keep Growing and Eventually Sell

Let’s do some quick math:

Say if you get your website making around $1000/month in profit, you can sell it for around $20k - $30k based on the average 20-30x multiple of the monthly average.

This method might seem impossible, but it’s not. If you choose an evergreen niche, target the correct keywords/products and scale the content production as soon as possible it can happen.

It won’t happen overnight, it will probably take a few months, but it’s possible.

There’s 2 options for you when you get your website established (start generating good profit):

  1. Hold the site for it passive income
  2. Sell the site

The first option to hold, has more risk but also more upside because you could continue to grow it and it would be worth more down the road. The second option, selling it now, allows you to cash out now.

Whether you decide to sell it or not down the road, you should still be aware of what factors affect the valuation of your business. It’s better to start early than later down the track! Here’s our guide on how to value a website or internet business.